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Conference Veterinary Medicine 2018

  • Time: 26-27 October 2018
  • Venue: Dorpat Conference Centre
  • Address: Soola 6, 51013 Tartu, Estonia

Map of location (click for detailed view):

Eesti Maaülikool


  • Parking in the Tasku Parking -  0–level parking area (entrance opposite the Circle K petrol station) and storeys parking areas (entries from Riia-Turu crossroad and Soola Street in front of the Dorpat hotel). For specific details please visit this page
  • Turu 6 parking area (behind the gas station Circle K)
  • More information about parking and parking fees can be found in the section FAQ.


Head of the Organising Committee:
Priit Koppel
President of the Estonian Veterinary Association


Conference secretariat:

Liis Käosaar
Project manager
+372 740 4095
Angela Vuks
Secretariat manager
+372 740 4095